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HVAC Control Valves

Belimo Platinum Distributor

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Siemens pneumatic valve
Boston Aircontrols (BAI) is a platinum distributor of Belimo control valves in addition to other commercial HVAC control valve manufacturers such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, TAC Invensys, and KMC.

We are a factory trained and authorized valve assembler. As such, we inventory actuators, valve bodies and linkages separately; thus allowing a much greater availability for your particular project.

With a wide selection of product inventory stocked in our warehouse, you can be certain to find an HVAC control valve you need—from electronic ball valves to large flanged globe valves or butterfly valves.

BAI carries numerous pneumatic and electric control valve products for general HVAC systems. However, if we don't have the control valve product stocked that you need, we will order it for you from any of our manufacturers, and guarantee a quick delivery within 24-48 hours!

Belimo's Universal Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkages. Now in-stock at Boston Aircontrols.

A sampling of HVAC Control Valves offered by BAI:

  • Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valves (PICCV)—a new energy efficient "green" valve that maintains a constant flow to ensure temperature balancing.
  • High Temperature Characterized Control Valves (HTCCV)—an environmentally-friendly valve suitable for potable water that meets the challenges of space restriction applications.
  • Characterized Control Valves (CCV)—offers full control resolution with increased control capacity of multi-function technology (MFT®) and an expanded size range.
  • Electronic Ball Valves—VS and VSS Series — available in 2-way and 3-way, spring return and non-spring system configurations, in bronze or stainless steel with easily accessible field wiring terminal on NEMA 4 TYPE.
  • Globe Valves—A comprehensive line of 2-Way and 3-Way valves from 1/2" to 6", ANSI 125 or ANSI 250 with bronze or Stainless Steel trim and bodies available with pneumatic or electronic actuators.
  • Solenoid Valves—When rapid opening or closing is required, we offer solenoid valves by ASCO.
  • Butterfly ValvesPneumatic, Electronic or manually positioned 2-Way and 3-Way butterfly valves from 2" thru 30" for chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, heating cooling change-over, large air handling coil control, and system bypass control applications.
  • High Performance Butterfly Valves—for all the above applications that require high pressure or high temperature rated valves

Why Customers Choose BAI for their control valve needs?

HVAC supplies,heating,ventilation,air conditioning controlsSince it first opened its doors in 1994, BAI has become known for being more than a HVAC control parts distributor—we are considered a one-stop resource for professional technicians, maintenance engineers, and mechanical contractors.

Need wiring guides for installation of a Belimo butterfly control valve? Have a question about the correct pipe fitting for your T.A.C. Invensys controls?

No problem—our customers have come to rely on the technical expertise of Boston Aircontrols' in-house sales staff to ensure that they not only select the proper control valve for the job, but that the installation has the hook up wiring diagram and accessories needed to complete the job completely.

We encourage you to contact BAI to learn more about the extensive list of control valves and other HVAC control products we carry. Call us today at 888.423.2525, or email us at ()
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